Tim Adams 2009


These pages are an ecclectic mix, basically anything relating to terrain generation that I think is not well documented or anything I think I've done something worth checking out. This site is aimed at intermediate programmers and is supposed to be inspirational, not a detailed how to.

The terrain generator is kind of a whimsical world simulator. It wont win any awards for modelling geology accurately, and may not compose as fast as procedural terrain. The basic principle is to randomly generate as much as possible. I don't have a brush tool to place things anywhere, it's all done based on random textures. My system is supposed to be a fun take on making a world by working through geological processes logically.

I am not a professional game programmer so there may be better ways or I may have made poor design decisions, caveat empor. There's no forum on this site, but email teatreetim@yahoo.com.au for questions. Please don't ask for source code, but I may give pseudo code if there are a lot of requests.

I unlock web pages as I finish the section. Don't worry, I've done more than just the bits I've unlocked!

My terrain generator

Part 1: Large scale terraforming (height based)

VTF terrain basics
Rainfall and erosion
Using posterising techniques
Islandising terrain
Adding sensible rivers

Real time terrain generation (mega terrain)

Mega terrain basics